COEXIST: A Recipe for Disaster

COEXIST: A Recipe for Disaster

by Rector Jim Murphy


Everyone has probably seen one. It’s a rather messy looking bumper-sticker, a bit difficult to read, that stylistically says, “COEXIST.” It is spelled out by way of a hodge-podge of religious and quasi-religious symbols, white pseudo-lettering on a blue background. When I spot one of these stickers, I feel bound to pray to Jesus for whoever it is that believes in such an insipid message. I’m bound to pray because the sentiment thereon expressed is not just pure drivel, but a dangerous recipe for disaster—physical, mental, and spiritual disaster—stupid in every dimension.

Why? Because the message or philosophy is based upon the premise that all truth (Truth) is relative. In essence, it says that truth doesn’t matter, that truth is different for everyone and that we all should, as Rodney King opined years ago, “…just all get along.” I’m sorry to burst the COEXIST bubble but that cannot and will not happen—ever. And that’s the Truth of the matter.

God created 1+1=2. It cannot and will not equal something else just because some prophet proclaims it so. In like manner, God’s Son, Jesus Christ, has proven to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life. There can only be one Way. There can only be one Truth. There can only be one Life. There can only be one God. It’s all by the Spirit, through the Son, to the Father.

In a very telling prayer, on the evening that Jesus was betrayed, the Lord of all creation prayed for those who “got it.” He prayed for the disciples who believed, who understood the Word to be the Truth. He specifically excluded the unbelievers at this time because they were all still deluded that they could all “just get along.” In his prayer the Savior of mankind exposed the reality that neither He nor his followers, those who “got it,” were connected to the world, even though that is where they found themselves to be physically.

Jesus could say that because He was vitally connected to the Truth, the Father, just as the disciple-believers now were. He prayed that they “may be one as We are.” (John 17:11, NKJV). He didn’t pray that they could COEXIST, he prayed that they would have the unity in the Truth that only came from the singularly true—God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

There is not an infinite number of parallel dimensions with infinite truths ruling each one. There is only one way, truth, and life, one dimension. The philosophy of COEXISTing has brought us to the brink of disaster with new wars and mayhem popping up all the time. It has brought us the “politics of division” that the last democrat to live in the White House never stopped promoting. Ignoring the singular truth (Truth) does the same.



originally published in The Highlander newspaper, June 2014.