Rector’s Rubrication


Rector’s Rubrication

Let Freedom, Let Liberty Ring!

Likely, the most familiar part of the U. S. Declaration of Independence, reads as follows, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…READ MORE

Possible Pandemic Purpose?

A Chicago politician, who shall go unnamed, was fond of saying something to the effect that we should, Never let a good crisis go to waste. If I understand him correctly…READ MORE


Jesus Hated His Quarantine!

During prayer this past week, early in the midst of our collective Corona-virus lockdown, I was brought to tears as God took me in the Spirit through the whole of Lent and right to the cross…READ MORE


Theological Truths in TV Series: Get Smart

Does anyone remember the old TV series that ran from the mid 1960’s through mid 1970, entitled “Get Smart?” For those of you who were not around back then…READ MORE

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Too Many Cooks Spoil The…

We all have a pretty good understanding of the old axiom, “too many cooks spoil the broth.” Indeed, if you have ever tried…READ MORE


Empty Tomb: A Death Blow to Death

We’re taught from an early age that “death” is the end of the road. When you’re dead, so it has been said, “Death is the third and final strike…READ MORE


New Year’s Resolution: Let’s Stand Up for Life

Most New Year’s resolutions are rarely given a chance to live. Many pledges for the new year are aborted or considered as rubbish before the end of the first month. Do you think that might be…READ MORE


Sutherland Springs, TX: The Ancestry of Evil

One of the societal rages of recent years has been a growing interest in family histories. Ancestry information and other assorted “family tree” web sites have exploded in their popularity. Tens of millions of folks have paid a hefty price to have their DNA researched. All of this in an effort to find out…READ MORE

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The Greatest Historical Eclipse

Writing on the morning of what has been titled, The Great American Eclipse, it is yet to be determined how it turned out. Will it be spectacular? Will it be a dud…READ MORE


Praying for Jerusalem’s “Peace”

At first blush, you may be tempted to think, “Why pray for Jerusalem’s peace, we’re hurting here with rank division and violence at every turn, we need peace right here…READ MORE


Power to Fulfill Jesus’ Heart-Cry

I’d like to begin by making a confession: pastors and ministers in the institutional church have, historically and generally, done an inadequate job in regards to… READ MORE


COEXIST: A Recipe for Disaster

Everyone has probably seen one. It’s a rather messy looking bumper-sticker, a bit difficult to read, that stylistically says, “COEXIST.” It is spelled out by way of a hodge-podge of religious and quasi-religious symbols… READ MORE



Jesus a Socialist?

Do you remember the “WWJD” bracelets? The acronym was short for “What Would Jesus Do?” Those who adorned themselves with one of the bracelets were implicitly reminding themselves and all who took notice… READ MORE